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Archery Range Hours:  (Same Hours as retail store)
SU-TH: 10AM - 9PM
FR-SA: 10AM - 10PM

Archery Pro Shop Hours:
M-TH: 10AM - 9PM
FR:    10AM - 5PM
SA:    10AM - 4PM
SU:    11AM - 7PM

Target World is a full-service archery pro shop with certified bow technicians on staff.  We can work on any bow and have the most modern equipment and tools available.  We sell bows from BowTech, PSE, HOYT, Diamond, Mission, and Excalibur; as well as arrows and many other bow accessories.  We have everything needed for the target shooter or hunter.  Need to sight-in or tune your bow?  Take advantage of Target World's indoor archery range.  $6.50 gets you on the range for most of the day! 




With every bow purchased at Target World you receive the following free!
1.  A complete standard bow tune.
2.  Install all accessories bought from Target World.
3.  Shooting instructions.
4.  Two days free archery range time.

Already own a bow?  Use our indoor range to get sighted in, or let our technicians tune your bow with a 3-Axis Leveling And Laser Super-Tune.  This is the most precise bow tuning service available anywhere!

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$15.00            Basic Bow Setup2  (Mount Accessories And Basic Bow Setup)
$35.00            Advanced Bow Setup1  (Elim. Buttons, Silencers, Rests, Sights, And Standard Bow Tune)
$15.00            Standard Bow Tune1  (Adjust Draw Weight & Length, Center Flight, Nock)
$35.00            3-Axis Level and Laser Super-Tune plus Sight Leveling ($20.00 if bow purchased at Target World

$5.00              Add Paper Tuning To Either The Basic Or Laser Super-Tune.
$20.00            Basic Pre-Season Inspection  (Includes Clean And Lube Axles, Bearings, & Cams)
$30.00            Advanced Pre-Season Inspection  (Complete Tear-Down, Lube, Clean Axles, Set Timing, Adjust Rest.  Parts Not Included)
$10.00            Draw Length Adjustment1  (Excludes Price Of Modules)
$2.00              Poundage Adjustment1
$2.00              Nocking Point Adjustment1
$5.00              Arrow Rest Installation2  (Add $3.00 If Installed With String)
$2.00              Tiller Adjustment1  (Price Each)
$3.00              Set Bow Weight1
$10.00            Wheel Timing1
$2.00              Cable Guard Adjustment1
$2.00              Nock Set Installation
$10.00            Nocking String Loop (Includes Loop)
$10.00            Sizing For The Right Size Arrow, Arrow Length, Point Weight, & Fletch Size3
$5.00              Sight and Quiver Mounting2
$5.00              Synergos Grip Adjustment

1 - Free at time of purchase if bow purchased at Target World
- Free at time of purchase if bow and accessories purchased at Target World.  Half price if bow was purchased at Target World, but the accessories were not, and vice versa.
- Free at time of purchase if arrows purchased from Target World

$6.00            Re-Serve Center String
$6.00            Silencer Tie-In (Silencers Sold Separately)
$6.00            Nocking Loop Tie-In (String Sold Separately)
$3.00            Install Peep w/o Tie-In
$4.00            Peep Tie-In (Peep Sold Separately)
$8.00            Replace Bow String
$8.00            Replace Cable/Cables
$3.00            Install Kisser Button
$3.00            Wax Bowstring And Cables
$3.00            Misc. String Accessories


$5.00/Dz        Cut To Length (Or 50?Each)
$2.00/Ea        Straighten
$3.00            Use Of Chronograph ?3 Shots
$5.00/Day      Unlimited Use Of Chronograph
$1.50/Ea        Nock Installation (Or $2.00/Pair)
$4.00/Arrow    Refletch Arrow



$40.00            Archery Hourly Rate (Minimum $8.00)
$25.00               Complete Setup And Sight-In1
$8.00              Replace String
$15.00            Replace Cables
$15.00            Set Timing
$25.00            Complete Inspection (Includes Clean & Lube Axles, Bearings, And Cams)
$5.00              Install Scope Rail
$5.00              Install Scope/Red Dot
$8.00              Sight-In Crossbow With Field Points
$15.00            Install Scope Rail And Scope, And Sight-In


NOTE:       $8.00 Minimum Labor Charge
All Prices Are For Labor Only Unless Otherwise Specified
Part Costs Are Separate
There is a press fee of $7.00 each time a press is used.
$20.00 Shipping & Handling On Anything Returned For Factory Service Or Warranty   

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$4.00 Per Hour                 $6.50 Per Day

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$10.00 Per ? Hour             Basic Shooting Instruction
$35.00 Per Hour                Advanced Shooting Instruction

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